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Sentences with V1, Adjective, and Adverb

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Tugas Softskill 2

          My name is Monalisa Oktavia Simanjuntak but people around me usually calls me Mona. I was born at Jakarta on Mei 16th 1992 and this year I’m officially 21 years old. Now I live at Jl. Cikal D Number 204 Rawalumbu on East Bekasi. My parents are come from the capital city of North Sumatera which called Medan. But they moved to Jakarta since 80’s when they were young.
          Nowadays, I’m a student at one of the most popular private university in Indonesia, Gunadarma University. I take the Economic Faculty for the accounting department so that I can realize my dream to be a successful accountant. In colleges I have a lot of friend around me. They always accompany me not only when I’m happy but also when I’m sad. I’m really happy for having them beside me during my college life because they always cheer me up when I’m bored with the lessons.
          Beside my college life, I also do a service at my church. I’ve served since I’m in junior high school till now so I have a lot of friends too at there. We call the group with “GREPE” which is a continuation of the “Gerombolan Remaja HKBPe”. We really have a lot of activities all this time. We go to church together, organize a lot of events, play music in an assemble group, dance for the Christmas party, and many more. Unfortunately, when we graduate from the Senior High School we must be separated because some of us accepted in colleges at another city. But when the holidays come, we gather in one of member’s house and do some fun activities together.
          Now is my favourite thing, I really like potatoes and smart water for my dining. My hobby is K.E.P.O-ing my friends’ timeline on twitter and listening to music all the time. I also like Taylor Swift as my idol. She’s very beautiful and has a good voice. I collect her albums and always listening to them as much as I can. I hope one day she’ll come to Indonesia and hold a concert here. Beside Taylor Swift, I love Zayn Malik too, one of the One Direction’s members. He really handsome like a prince and he also has a sexy brilliant voice. I really hope I can be his girlfriend one day, LOL.
          Last but not least, I really love my life. I give thanks to God for giving me a colorful life and amazing people around me so that I can enjoy my life till this day. And accordance with my motto, “just close your eyes and enjoy the roaller coster of life”. Thanks to your time for visiting my blog and happy reading!

Yellow = adverb
Red = adjective
Green = V1

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