Selasa, 25 Juni 2013

Dating Abusive

Nama : Monalisa Oktavia
Kelas : 3 EB 20
NPM : 24210516

1. According to you, is it worthy for teenagers to have dating in their early years?
2. What is the suitable age for dating?
3. Is it a okay if parents taking interference on their children relationship, in what why?
4. How will you know whether you are suffering a kind of dating a abusive?
5. How come you solve those suffering?
6. In case you need any profesional help, who would it be?

According to my early teen age dating was not fair. Due to the early days where one teen was easily emotional, easily influenced, and easy to try something new. So still need guidance and attention from parents. Suitable age for dating in my opinion is 18 years old. Because in those days we already have the maturity, and we can choose which one is good and bad for us.
For a relationship any children, very good for parents to monitor their relationships. With being a friend or a good friend to us. Because every parent must know which one is best for us, and know the limits of the best for us in a relationship. We also can confide in and share about our relationship to the parents. Aware of dating abusive usually happens if we do not want to follow the rules of our couple, and we do not feel comfortable being on the attitudes and behaviors performed by couples.

If I had it, I will talk nice with my couple that I started not comfortable with the attitude or behavior. And consider whether the relationship is worth continuing. I also will tell parents and my friends, what should I do. If it still can not be solved I will report on the institutions that address the protection of women and human rights. Because if the abusive is over the limit can threaten our health and can cause trauma.

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